Simon Elliott’s Message is on Clean Energy

Simon Elliott of Amherst

“Being able to have that 30-second speech, in which I could tell them what the bill would do and what the effects of it would be on the community, was great,” he said. “And it was great to be able to tell them that and not get flustered. I could persuade them to do what I wanted them to do.”

Mel Devoney is a Student with a Plan


“I had a lot of opinions about environmental policies, but I learned how to present my arguments and get them out there and make them convincing to others,” she said. “And I now know I can’t just lobby for a bill and be all idealistic about it. We have to have small goals and know there are more steps we have to go through for each one.

Daniel Kamlarz Recommends Building ‘the Environmental Generation’


“At the CEC academy, they were talking about environmental civics, taking a political approach to really do something about the environment, and so I really learned a lot on how to articulate myself and how to speak well in front of people in big audiences and to advocate,” he says. “That was a big part of it.”

Alexis Foley Gets the Job Done

Alexis Foley of Whately

Alexis also plans to work environmental activism into her college studies. “To sum up my experience with the Center for Environmental Civics, it has really broadened my knowledge of the impact that one can have on the environment and the good of the community and how to articulate to get something done,” she says.

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