Praise for the Center for Environmental Civics (Now the Center for Civic Participation)

Here’s what civic and environmental leaders are saying about the Center:

“As a society, we’ve made some progress in the area of sustainability. From energy generation to food production there is no doubt that we are doing better. But it’s clear to me that our best hope for a sustainable future lay with young people who will bring the necessary leadership skills and innovative thinking to meet these enormous challenges. That’s where the Center for Civic Participation will play a pivot role – energizing young minds to find the answers.”
— Stan Rosenberg, Massachusetts State Senator and Senate Majority Leader

“The path to responding to our profound and historic environmental challenges leads to the political arena, where a vital, muscular democracy steered by an informed and engaged citizenry is essential. That’s the democracy we need, but, unfortunately, it is not the democracy we have.  The Center for Civic Participation inspires and trains citizens to engage in environmental governance and empowers them to be a part of that new democracy.”
— James Gustave Speth, Author of America the Possible: Manifesto for a New Economy

“I believe that well-informed and committed young people are the best hope
that we have for developing responsible environmental policies for the
future. The Center’s summer program will engage and educate students who care about both politics and environmental integrity so that they will be prepared to make a positive difference in society.”
— Rep. Stephen Kulik, 1st Franklin District, Massachusetts
“Environmental Civics is a great term for one of the great needs we have on this planet.”
— Bill McKibben, Environmental Activist and founder of

“There is nothing more important at this pivotal moment than promoting
civic literacy and providing young people with the tools to
translate environmental concerns into thoughtful and effective engagement
in shaping public policy. Civic education, in the broadest sense,
is our best bequest to the future. The Center for Civic Participation inspires just such public engagement.”
— Professor Jan Dizard, Co-Chair, Environmental Studies, Amherst College
Author of Going Wild: Hunting, Animals Rights, and the Contested Meaning of Nature

“The environment cannot be left to the none-too-tender mercies of the state and the market. An empowered citizenry is the key to effective environmental governance and protection of our common heritage for present and future generations. The Center for Civic Participation aims to help citizens find their voice and use it for the public interest.”
— James K.Boyce, Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts and author of The Political Economy of the Environmentand co-editor of Natural Assets: Deomcratizing Ownership of the Environment

“A well-educated public is the foundation of a healthy democracy and a sustainable environment. But education is not enough. Citizens need to inspired and motivated to put that learning into action. The Center For Civic Participation helps provide that impetus by training people of all ages to realize and exercise their power as participants in environmental governance at all levels of decision-making: personal, governmental, and corporate.”
—Leslie King, Assistant Professor and Chair, Smith College Department of Soicology
Editor of Environmental Sociology: From Analysis to Action

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